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Your machine is awesome. Thank you for allowing us to give trees that would otherwise be stressed and dying a chance to live. We are using our typical blend of organic fertilization (custom designed and made just for Arborscapes) and adding Ron’s specialty mix of solids (labeled 4-4-2 with 9%calcium) that is certified organic made from Turkey litter, bio char and so many other special ingredients. Supposedly, it is a similar material Arborgard is using (don’t say anything to anyone/ not sure about exclusivity). It creates the perfect slurry to inject. I really don’t think there is anything possibly better to soil inject.

I have already about 15 properties to use it on and I am now suggesting it daily in my consultations. I am considering approaching and demonstrating the unit at a few of our select golf courses here. Super psyched to be the only one here in NC with the Air Tech! Thank you again for making it for us. It will honestly save so many trees and allow others to develop so much better in our heavy clay sub soils.


We have been using the Air-tech tools soil fracturing machine for 7 years. By far the most valuable tool i have ever used. The overall improvement in our plant materials health is beyond words. Fracturing treatments have greatly improved infiltration capacity, which in turn has increased our root development on all of our plant material. The architects and landscapers we work with have been very pleased. They have seen a significant decrease in warranty issues compared to prior to the soil fracturing and deep root injection.

The machine and all its attachments have proved to be highly durable. If and when we do have an issue, the customer service is beyond compare. Terry has always been on the ball to make sure anything we need is there for the next days workload if need be. I cant say enough about how we feel about Air-tech tools and the service they provide.

Dave Foss, Foss Fertilization Group & Out Of Eden Garden Center

More Than Trees was introduced to Air Tech Tools and their fracturing machine about a year and a half ago. We have found that with in seconds we can be 22″s into the soil decompacting and creating fissure. This allows the movement of minerals and water to pass deeper and contact a larger amount of cubic yards of soil. We have fractured and watered with the machine and no other treatments, and have seen great results. We were able to mobilize the nutrients in the soil that were tied up by compaction. We are currently using this machine to test and treat all of our trees. The re establishment of new fiber roots has multiplied in less time.

After establishing a relationship with Air Tech Tools , we learned of the air spade, air pruners, air chainsaw and a number of other air products that we now use on a regular basis. We are also working with Air Tech Tools on a test to inoculate the soil with a 1/3 of an inch solid into the soil. By doing this we are able to keep the fissure suspended and lengthen the movement of water, minerals and microbes deeper into the soil.

Airtech Tools is the exclusive distributor of the Turbo Diggerâ„¢ from MTM out of Germany. This pneumatic “power shovel” is an indispensable tool for landscapers, contractors and home owners or anyone who needs to plant or transplant shrubs, remove tile, or bust light concrete. We also design and build decompaction/feeding systems around the MTM TTA-WD Power Head. Designed to fracture the soil and deliver soil amendments to the roots, these systems are ideal for landscapers, golf courses, arborists, vineyards or anyone working with soil and roots.

More Than Trees

On one particularly beautiful Saturday this past October, my bride assigned me the task of digging out 6 mature bushes deeply rooted along one side of my house. Dreading the fact that I would have to drag out the pick, ax, and shovel (not to mention having to borrow a truck with a chain), I was offered the chance to utilize an innovative tool that saved me a solid day of back breaking work.

The Turbo Digger cut through the job in less than an hour and a half and gave me time to enjoy my favorite Fall pastime, watching college football. Plus, I didn’t have to tear up my entire yard to do it. I was amazed at how little effort I had to put into the job and even more amazed when I awoke the next day without a sore back.

The Turbo Digger is a truly awesome product. Thanks, Airtech!

Todd Wright, Homeowner

I have used many tools in my lifetime but nothing like the “Turbo Digger” Terry Raby rented to me for a project I had to complete in a very short period of time.

I was cited by the State Board of Contracting for a “Shallow Craw-space” on a house addition after it was built. County Inspectors had previously approved the crawlspace as adequate. Nevertheless, I was found in violation and the County Inspectors rescinded their previous inspection. The crawl space dimensions are 48 feet long by 29 feet 6 inches wide requiring the removal of 4 inches to 8 inches of dirt underneath the addition. Project: Remove crawl space dirt. Removal area (48′ X 29’6″ X 4″-8″).

I assembled a group of laborers to start the excavation of the crawlspace but remembered I heard Terry Raby mention in a meeting I attended, he had a “Turbo Digger.” I had no experience nor had I ever seen a “Turbo Digger” before. I called Terry and asked for a demonstration. Terry came over within an hour or so and demonstrated the “Turbo Digger” in my office parking lot. I immediately took charge of the “Turbo Digger” and dug several holes in seconds without much physical effort. I placed the “Turbo Digger” on the ground in the spot I wanted to dig the hole and the “Turbo Digger” did the rest on its own. “This is a miracle,” I stated to Terry. Just in time for the tedious project of excavating a crawl space on a previously built house addition.

Terry brought the “Turbo Digger” by on a Monday afternoon, gave instructions on its use and maintenance, and we started to excavate the crawl space. The “Turbo Digger” worked so well and fast the operator was constantly waiting for the dirt movers to remove the dirt. We had to modify our existing dirt removal process to as a result of the “Turbo Digger’s” increase in digging productivity. The project would have taken 3 weeks to a month, took only a week to complete.

The following week the County Inspector returned for re-inspection and was amazed how quick we had removed the huge amount of dirt from the crawl space. We passed inspection.

Several weeks later the State Board Inspector returned, found the crawl space in compliance, and closed the case.

I cannot imagine completing the aforementioned task without assistance from the “Turbo Digger!”

Larry D. Wright

We used the turbo digger with the shovel attachment for digging post holes for decks, pergolas, & other outdoor living structures. We found that it was well suited for this job, as it did most of the work. It dug right into the soil, even the hard clay. It also had no problem handling small to medium sized roots that it encountered. The size & shape of the turbo digger make it perfect for the job. We ran the turbo digger off of a medium sized twin tank electric air compressor, which had no problem keeping up with the required air supply necessary to keep it functioning at its best.

We also used the turbo digger with the chisel attachment to demo a large amount of floor & wall tile. It made short work of this task, & it also had no problem with the cement board underlayment. The light weight of the tool makes it very easy to maneuver around the work area. Due to the rapid, short action of the turbo digger, it kept the dust to a minimum, which on any interior remodel is a plus!

Ralph Cook, Cook Bros. Construction

I found myself in a unique position during a recent irrigation repair. The customer asked that we not dig up any plants and not dig through the landscape beds. Instead they asked that we dig along the property outside their fence (practically on the neighbors property) and come back through an open space in the landscape. So instead of digging a trench by hand for 20 feet with 1 turn, 1 gradual elevation change and under a walkway, we had to dig a trench by hand for 45 feet, make 3 turns, 3 elevation changes, and go under a walkway.

The ground was incredibly hard from the dry summer. Even the irrigated portions of the the lawn had such poor drainage that just a few inches below was gray dirt and heavily compacted clay. Oh, did I mention that customer wanted a fixed bid. (Seriously, I couldn’t make this up.)

Sooooooooo, a trench that had multiple elevation changes, no space for a trencher, and a fixed bid. No traditional ditch digging tool would suffice.

With the Airtech tools we dug the trench and powered beneath the walkway. The tight spaces were no concern. The heavily compacted clay and occasional root were no match. After digging, piping, cutting, gluing, wiring, and testing, and burying the pile we had the job completed under time and bid.

By my estimate, hand-digging in that space would have taken two men 2-3 days. With theAirtech tools we were completed with the entire job in less than 2 days.

John Botts, Owner, Beaver Creek LM