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Plant Healthcare Systems

Airtech Tools soil fracturing/feeding systems are primarily used to rescue ailing trees or to promote the growth of newly planted or transplanted trees, These pneumatic systems drive a lance into the soil, then fracture it below the surface with powerful bursts of air. Once the soil is fractured, soil amendments such as fertilizer or mycorrhizal fungi can be administered to tree roots through the same lance – all without damaging the roots or disturbing the surface around the tree. Available as a trailer, skid, or cart configuration, these systems are ideal for landscapers, golf course superintendents, arborists, or anyone seeking to optimize plant growth.

We have found that within seconds we can be 22″s into the soil decompacting and creating fissures. This allows the movement of minerals and water to pass deeper and contact a larger amount of cubic yards of soil. We have fractured and watered with the machine and no other treatments, and have seen great results. We were able to mobilize the nutrients in the soil that were tied up by compaction.