The Power Of Airtech Tools

Airtech Tools utilizes the power of air to drive a variety of pneumatic tools and systems for the modern landscaper and contractor.

Our soil fracturing/feeding systems drive a lance into the soil, then fracture it with bursts of air. Once fractured, amendments such as fertilizer can be administered to tree roots through the same lance - all without damaging them.  These systems are ideal for landscapers, golf course superintendents, arborists, or anyone seeking to optimize plant growth.

Airtech Tools is also the exclusive distributor of the Turbo Digger™ from MTM out of Germany. This pneumatic "power shovel" is an indispensable tool for landscapers, contractors and home owners or anyone who needs to plant or transplant shrubs, remove tile, or bust light concrete.

Got an overgrown shrub or tree? Cut your pruning time and effort in half with our lightweight pneumatic loppers and chainsaws.